It’s been a really busy day as I was working in my local mosque as it is being reconstructed. God willing, the work will be over soon. This busy day finally came to an end with me jailbreaking my iPhone. How crazy! Here are all the details.

Luca Todesco has done it again! You can now download the Yalu tool – the first jailbreak tool for iPhone 6s, SE, and the iPad Pro, which supports iOS 10.2! Here’s all you need to know! Download Yalu Jailbreak IPA file here. Follow this guide to how to jailbreak ios 10.1.1 with yalu.

If you face http-win.cpp 158 error with Cydia Impactor, go here – Just use the latest version. That’s it.

This is a beta version. The final version of the jailbreak iOS 10 for the general public is still pending.

Hackers Luca Todesco and Marco Grassi posted a 10.2 jailbreak iOS open source (the code is public) for the devices based on 64-bit architecture. It can be downloaded from GitHub. Being incomplete, it is strongly discouraged to embark on the iOS 10 jailbreak adventure if you are not an expert or a seasoned developer.


He had kept his promise! Shortly after the release of Project Zero Exploit, the Italian developer Luca Todesco promised the community to create a working jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1. He did that recently. This is followed by the update of the tool, which now supports iOS 10.2.

Support for the 32-bit devices is not included yet, which means that the installation is limited to iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPad Pro.

The bug for 10.2, unfortunately, does not work for the iPhone 7. Owners of the latest Apple smartphone must, therefore, use the 10.1.1 Jailbreak. If you are already on 10.2.1 on the way, you could still downgrade to iOS 10.2!

In the meantime, the good news is linked to the jailbreak of Apple’s mobile iOS 9 operating system. Last night, a new jailbreak was published on the Web. Before you rejoice, know that it is reserved for hackers and developers and does not support Cydia store yet.

Trident iOS 9 jailbreak, in public beta, concerns iOS 9.3.x (up to iOS 9.3.4, the flaws having been corrected by Apple later) and 32-bit iDevices. The devices compatible with Trident jailbreak tool are therefore the following – iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPad 2/3 and iPod Touch 5G. If you are interested in it, you can download the IPA file directly from this link and install it like you’re used to with Cydia Impactor from your computer.

For now, it does not support Cydia nor Cydia Substrate (awaiting a probable update of Saurik). The only way to know if the jailbreak went smoothly is to go to Settings> Wallpaper> Select new wallpaper and check if a new wallpaper is there.

The dawah ( “call”) consists of three elements: the calling (he who does dawah), the called (the person who receives the dawah), and called (the content and body of dawah). Everyone has their own characteristics, objectives and prerequisites.

We will start from the call , or the dawah.

Objective of dawah NOT is to convert people , but rather to convey the message of Islam in its original purity . Indeed, it is Allah (swt) to guide people to His light, not us. This does not mean that we should not come to an effort to make sure the message gets into a more correct, concise and convincing. If people have negative reactions, we should not feel guilty and try to “correct the mistake”, unless this was not because of our errors.

It is ‘important to remember that you should always push the conversation about the bases of Tahweed , since some aspects of Islam are more critical than others, while the Tahweed are the basic principles of religion. Even if we talk about the hijab, of terrorism, of polygamy … the speech should always strive to return to the Tahweed.

For example, the first pillar of Islam is that the only One worthy of worship but Allah (swt), who has not associated; and the first pillar of Imaan, on which the focus should be, it is faith in Allah (swt).

If you do not get to talk to these two pillars, one can never go any further.

And it is only through the acceptance of Tahweed that the called will be successful in this life and the next. If you understand that to attribute acts of terrorism to Muslims it is wrong, if you know the meaning of the hijab, and thinks that the regularized polygamy is only natural, but does not believe in the oneness of Allah (swt), and dies in that state, he will not be successful in the next life.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “[…] The first thing that [Christians and Jews] you will need to expect them will be the Tahweed of Allah. If they understand, tell them that Allah has prescribed their five obligatory prayers. And if they pray, tell them that Allah has prescribed them the Zakat.

As for the caller (ie us, we send the message), there are several prerequisites:

1) Knowledge . Knowledge is a prerequisite of faith in itself . And it is natural that you have to know as much as possible about the religion to which we are inviting others. If it is to invite a Muslim who ignores the majority of aspects of Islam, the message will appear unconvincing and weak. We should try to extend their knowledge of Islam on all points of view.

2) Kindness. We must remember that Allah (swt) has instructed Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron) so so kind to communicate the message to the Pharaoh who, at the time, declared himself a god. The kindness, in dawah, hits the heart of the people and encourages them to listen : after talking to a Muslim, the first thing you will remember the tone of voice, non-verbal language and the way in which it is expressed, rather than remember his speech in a precise and Word for word.

3) Wisdom . Namely, the art of being able to adapt in any situation . This means that the caller should clarify and explain every aspect so clear and convincing them (quote sources, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the topic …) in the language of the person to whom you are talking, trying to get the message across in the best , so that the other person understands fully. And so it will continue until the call will not have any doubts about Islam and that the truth, which before was hidden due to misinformation or bad dawah, both the obvious.

4) Patience. It ‘difficult for a person to start its journey in search of religion with us, and ends with us. It ‘a long process, complicated, full of curves, stops and choices to make. So we should not get angry or impatient if the person you talk seems to be reluctant, or if he insists on not wanting to understand.

5) Moral . Even the Prophet (peace be upon him) considered it important that the caller had morality. Our behavior should adapt and follow as closely as possible to what Allah has prescribed for us. Also, the traditions and rituals of Islam can not be separated from good manners and behavior of a good Muslim, as behaving properly with other people is also a form of worship of Allah (swt).

6) Eloquence . That is, knowing how to speak convincingly and correctly in front of people, maintaining high public attention. Do not just use all our resources, which is the Qur’an or the Sunnah, but we must also develop a suitable dialogue mode. You may also have the best evidence and arguments to be exhibited, but if the person who speaks is unable to communicate in correct Italian, in short order, coincided, in order to reach people’s hearts, the message will never arrive. E ‘therefore necessary to implement both our knowledge of Islam, both our ability to hold in public speeches.

The Islam that we must follow is strictly guided by the principles of the Koran. The Hadith, the alleged second source of Islam, are unacceptable as a religious guide, as they have given rise to spurious ideas, untenable and ridiculous that have corrupted the Islam practiced since centuries. Islam based on the Quran only seeks to replace the Islamic concepts more widely spread that led to sectarian divisions among Muslims, and have given rise to violence, conflict and fanaticism so often seen in Islam. (more…)